What does a college consultant do?

A college consultant guides a student through the college admissions process by providing individual attention and assisting students in choosing a college that is the best fit.

Why do I need an independent college consultant such as Innovative College Counseling, LLC?

Most school guidance counselors have too many students to offer the individual attention a student needs in order to navigate the college admissions process. We offer flexible appointment times and the one-on-one guidance necessary to make an informed decision.

What makes Innovative College Counseling, LLC different?

Innovative College  Counseling, LLC  can help improve your student's chances of getting into the school of his or her choice. We help a student develop a target list of colleges  based on the  academic record and quantitative analysis of admission trends. We then create a plan to optimize admission odds.

We develop an extracurricular activity strategy to allow the students to discover  their passions and begin to create the student's "unique" story. We provide guidance on what classes to register for, which standardized tests to take, how to ask for recommendations,  interview preparation, and  resume  creation. We will also send reminders about upcoming deadlines to help keep organized.  We walk the student through every aspect  of the  application process.

Our consultants are graduates of the UCLA College Counseling Certificate Program and meet the educational, experiential and good  practice standards to belong to NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counselors), IACAC (Illinois Association of College Admission Counseling) , and ACCA( American College Counseling Association) which are major college counseling associations. We extensively visit college campuses across the country, attend numerous professional development conferences,  and stay current on top college admissions trends.

Can you guarantee that my son or daughter will get into a particular college?

There are a lot of independent college consultants and some even promise to get the student accepted into the  college of his or her  dreams. However, no one can guarantee admission into a particular college.

Does Innovative College Counseling, LLC only work with students in the Chicago area?

The consultants at Innovative College Counseling, LLC  can work remotely with students via email and Skype.

When should I begin working with Innovative College Counseling, LLC?

The earlier a family begins working with us, the more benefits they gain from the process. Innovative College Counseling, LLC begins working with students as early as eighth grade to guide students towards appropriate class selection, selection of extracurricular activities, career exploration, and strengths assessment. We guide students in timing and preparation for standardized testing,  as well as researching and visiting possible colleges. Regardless of when you start the process, Innovative College Counseling, LLC is here to serve your family.

In addition to comprehensive packages, do you offer hourly rates?

We do not offer hourly rates at this time.

Do you provide tutoring services?

We do not provide tutoring services, but we do maintain a list of outstanding tutors with wonderful credentials for both academic subjects and standardized testing.

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